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Benefits of Chhath Puja

It is the way of detoxifying the body and mind which lead to the biochemical changes.

Through detoxification it becomes possible to control the flow of prana as well as getting more energetic. It improves the look of skin, develops better eyesight and the ageing process gets slow down.

Devotee of the Chhath puja can improve the immunity of body.

A variety of skin infections can be cured through the safe radiations of sunlight.
It increases the fighting power of blood by improving the performance of WBC.

Solar energy provides the power to control the secretion of hormones.

Daily sun meditation relaxes the body and mind. Pranayam, yoga, meditation are also the way to improve the control on body and mind. Pilgrims comes at Varanasi for a peaceful yoga and meditation at the bank of river Ganga.