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Chhath Puja Songs

Chhath puja has a special significance during the Sunrise and Sunset periods. The Sunrise and sunset are the most important periods of the day during which a human body can safely get the solar energy without any harm. That’s why there is a myth of offering the Sanjhiya Arghya and Bihaniya Arghya to the Sun at the Chhath festival. During this period the solar energy has low level of ultraviolet radiations so it is safe for the human body. People perform the Chhath puja in order to thank the Lord Sun for continuing the life on the earth as well as to get blessings.

The ritual of Chhath puja provides mental calmness (by detoxifying the body and mind), enhances the energy level and immunity, reduces the frequency of anger, jealous as well as lot of negative emotions. It is also believed that following the Chhath processes helps in slowing down the ageing process. Such beliefs and rituals of the Chhath make it the most significant festival in the Hinduism.

This is the celebration of the Chhath Pooja early in the morning by the people. There is a great crowd all around the river by the people who are celebrating the Chhath Pooja early in the morning by offering Jal to the God Sun.

What a nice photograph of the Chhath Pooja celebration at the Bank of the River. They are taking holy bath early in the morning in order to complete their Chhath Pooja and get a lot of blessings from the God.

Women devotees are celebrating Chhath Pooja in their own way and in such a beautiful manner. They are offering some Prasad to the God in their Tokari. They are also worshipping the banana tree. Some of them are taking bath and some of them are sitting at the bank of river. Whereas some of them are standing away from bank of the river.

Pilgrims of the Chhath Pooja are buying fruits for offering to the God in the form of Prasad. What a nice pic of the event early in the morning at the ghat of Ganga. Sellers are selling their fruits to the devotees and helping to the devotees for completing the Chhath Pooja.

Such a awesome snap of the event where women are taking bath in the River by having a sugarcane in their hand. They are celebrating the Chhath Pooja in the completely traditional and cultural manner. Men are also there for helping the women.


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