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Bhang Thandai Recipe

Maha Shivaratri means "the Great Night of Shiva". It is observed by remembering Shiva and chanting prayers, fasting, doing Yoga and meditating on ethics and virtues such as self-restraint, honesty, noninjury to others, forgiveness and the discovery of Shiva. Bhang Thandai is most popular in Mahashivratri. Thandai made cannabis and aromatic Indian spices and herbs. A must try for all those who want to get tipsy the Indian way! INGREDIENTS 1 litre milk 1/2 cup sugar 1 tablespoon almonds 1/2 handful saffron 12 tablespoon bhang seed powder 14 cup dry rose petals 2 cup water 12 tablespoon aniseed 11 peppercorns 2 green cardamom 1 tablespoon melon seeds How to make Bhang Thandai Step 1 Boil the milk and allow it to cool. Soak aniseeds, almonds, watermelon seeds, bhang and rose petals in 2 cups of water and grind to make a smooth paste. Step 2 Pour water into the paste and strain using a piece of muslin. Step 3 In the strai