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Keep yourself warm this winter

If you want to stay warm during the winter season, try these foods that they will keep you warm The w inter season is coming, why we don’t keep ourselves so strong in winter so that winter does not dominate us, in winter we should take special care of our food habits. To fight winter, we need inner strength, which we can only get from particular types of food and this food we can get quickly in our kitchen. There is some ingredient list that we can use regularly. Turmeric A pinch of turmeric is heated by boiling it in milk, it not only reduces the swelling of the body, but it also keeps the body warm from inside. Honey Honey is considered warm and hence it is prohibited in summer. It is an essential component in Ayurvedic medicine for cough and cold. It contains small amounts of antigens in flowers and helps in increasing immunity. The excellent news for diet-conscious people is that it doesn't fatten because it contains invert sugar, which can be easily digeste

You should try this food during this winter season

Consume these things in the winter season, keep warm your body..... The harsh winter weather affects your wardrobe and heating bill more. Your body's energy levels, metabolism and even food choices are changing.   Do you leave the gym and react to the bitter cold to convince yourself that you can overcome your discomfort? You are not alone, but the cold truth is that no season makes eating habits unhealthy. Just as you should not eat more ice cream on dog days of summer, you should not stay on a steady diet of hot chocolate and hot cookies during winter.   If you add some favorite cold-weather-foods during the cold season, you can eat healthy and delicious - in winter. In cold weather, the body must have internal heat to avoid the effects of cold. If the body remains warm, we will never fall ill. Let's know what should be consumed in winter. Start with it.. Root vegetables It is difficult to get local produce when crop growth is interrupted during the

10 Health Benefits of Chlorella Powder

Chlorella powder Chlorella is a single-celled, green freshwater algae. There are over 30 distinct species, but most frequently used in studies are two kinds — Chlorella vulgaris and Chlorella pyrenoidosa. Because it has a hard cell wall that humans cannot digest, in order to reap its advantages, you must bring it as a complement. Chlorella powder is accessible in capsule, tablet, powder and extract form. Organic chlorella powder 1.     Several useful nutrients are packed in Chlorella such as Nutritious: Protein, Vitamin B12, Iron and vitamin C, Omega-3s, Fiber, Other antioxidants and other vitamins and minerals. 2.     Help the body detox: - It helps to remove heavy metals and other damaging compounds from your body, also enhance your body's natural ability to clear toxins. 3.     Your immune system may be enhanced: By fighting off infections, your immune system enables you to stay healthy. One research discovered that in respondents aged 50–55, chlorel

Strategies for digital marketing to increase online sales

Digital marketing is compulsory for businesses that want to create it through the internet world's challenges. Digital marketing includes a broad range of techniques and activities, all of which can be used to achieve a range of objectives linked to stronger branding, better commitment, enhanced traffic, attracting opportunities, turning viewers into the lead, creating revenues, etc. A distinct approach requires to be developed for each objective, as it is not just about being present on the Internet, but about understanding how to be pre-presented. Having a plan establishes the path that we will have to go down to achieve our objectives. In this article, we will capture some of the most appropriate strategies for digital marketing to attract opportunities and boost your internet sales. We will dive into the three kinds of digital marketing strategies that you can immediately implement to attract opportunities to your website. Before applying any digital adve

आज के दिन भूलकर भी चाँद मत देखना

आज सुबह मेरी सासु माँ का फ़ोन आया बोला की बहु आज की रात तुम लोग चाँद को मत देखना नहीं तो तुम लोगों पर झूठे  कलंक  लगेंगे।   ऐसा सुनकर में हैरान रह गई आखिर ऐसा कैसे हो सकता है कि चाँद देखने से भला किसी को झूठे  कलंक   लगे।   फिर मैंने अपनी सासु माँ से चाँद न देखने का कारण पूछा तब उन्होंने मुझे श्री गणेश जी की कथा सुनाई जिसे सुनकर में सच में हैरान रह गई।   इसलिए यह कथा में आपलोगो से भी साझा करना चाहती हूँ।   एक बार श्री गणेश जी चूहे की सवारी कर रहे थे और अचानक से गिर पड़े तभी वहां उपस्थित चन्द्रमा उन पर हंस पड़े यह देख कर श्री गणेश  जी  को क्रोध आया और उन्होंने चन्द्रमा को श्राप   दिया की अब से तुम किसी के देखने योग्य नहीं रह जाओगे और अगर तुमको कोई देख लेगा तो वो भी पाप का भागीदारी होगा। ऐसा श्राप देकर श्री गणेश जी वहा से चले गए।     अब सभी देवी देवता श्री गणेश जी के श्राप से व्याकुल हो गए।   अब चन्द्रमा  के  न  रहने से पृथ्वी का संतुलन बिगड़ जायेगा ऐसा सोच सभी देवी - देवता ने श्री गणेश जी की आराधना शुरू कर दी और ऐसा करने से श्री गणेश जी बहुत प्रसन हुए। अब सभी देवताओं ने मिल