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Why don't you eat garlic and onions - In Navratri fast?

Why do we not eat garlic and onion during Navratri?   We call it a lot of people that garlic and onion should not be consumed during Navratri, but can never give a suitable reason for it, just say that it is not considered good. The one who keeps fast does not eat, but the one who does not keep fast also keeps away from the consumption of garlic and onion. During the nine-day Navratri fast, popular foods include fruits, vegetables, kuttu ka aata, sabudana, Samak rice, dairy products and sendha namak. And the two most common foods are onions and garlic, which are not allowed in your diet. Those who fast for the nine-day Navratri and those who do not fast, they not allowed consuming onion and garlic from their food. Why do we not eat garlic and onion during Navratri? Let us know why we should not eat in Navratri During fasting, onions and garlic, which are also components of the family of vegetables, are not allowed. Here is the reason why. Foods can be divided i