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What is Cashless Car Insurance Claim in India and how to Claim it?

Cashless Car insurance

Cashless Car Insurance- The presence of this definition, introduced earlier in the health care domain, has expanded its advantages in the motor insurance market. Insurance providers provide you with two options for making claims when purchasing car insurance, namely cashless claims and reimbursement claims. Regardless of your cashless policies, insurance companies ensure that not a single penny comes out of your pocket.

For the benefit of Cashless Car Insurance, insurance providers are communicating with garages. Garages that have tie-ups with the insurance company are called 'network garages.' The policyholder will take his cars to these network garages after an unfortunate incident such as an accident. Once the car is repaired, insurance providers pay all repair costs.

Here are some easy steps to make Cashless Car Insurance claims: 

Register the claim with your insurance company - Registration is the first and most important step in filing a claim. The policyholder will either directly visit the insurance company or call the insurance company to make the registration of the claim. Registration will be done immediately after the accident. The best way to register a claim is that you can do it online by visiting the online portal of your insurance company.

Send your car for inspectionIf a collision has occurred, it is clear that your car has been wholly or partially damaged. Whether your car is vandalized or damaged by any peril, it will have to be taken to the garage for repair if it is at least in running condition. If it is not in a movable condition, then get it towed to avoid further damages.

Submit relevant documentsWhen you have sent your car for inspection, all necessary paperwork needs to be sent to get the claim process. Information required by the insurance company is the engine number and chassis number, the date and time of the accident, the location and description of the accident, the garaging address of your car inspected, and so forth. Apart from this, you will also have to submit a photocopy of the FIR filed in case of an accident or theft.

Maintain repair payment - The final step in filing a car insurance claim is to pay for repairs in a network garage. Once the car is sent for repair, the network garage gives the insurance company the approximate amount needed for the repair. After receiving the estimated amount, the insurance provider approves the necessary repairs to your car and then transfers the sum directly to the network garage.

Now that you know how to make Cashless Car Insurance claims, what are you waiting for? Get cashless car insurance settlement benefits for your policy with these four easy steps.