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As a vehicle owner, you should know how to file a claim

If you are a car owner, then it is necessary to have car insurance. According to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, every vehicle owner is required to purchase motor insurance for their car on Indian roads.
Take a look at the type of car insurance before arriving at the issue. There are two types of car insurance. The first is a third-party liability, and the second is comprehensive insurance. Third-liability is the primary type of insurance required by law. It provides coverage in the event of an accident where the policyholder is at fault against the losses suffered by third parties. Third-party insurance only provides benefits to the other person concerned, not the policyholder.
In addition to third party insurance, insurance companies in India provides comprehensive car insurance cover to insurance buyers. Consistent with its name, comprehensive car insurance has more benefits than third party coverage. The policyholder is protected from theft, accident, damage and repair. It also includ…

As a vehicle owner, have you asked your insurer what they cover - car insurance

A car insurance coverage differs from plan to plan. And to understand what your car insurance is covered, you have to read the documents related to the coverage carefully. Always make sure that you have read the exclusion section of your car insurance policy document as it highlights things that your insurer will not cover.
Generally, the insurer should compensate for the loss suffered by the third party involved in the accident if you have opted for third party car insurance. That includes the cost of repairing the vehicle, any medical expenses, legal charges if any, and the amount of compensation to the victim. However, some insurance companies do not include all of this in their basic plan. Please ask your insurer what they cover.
If you have a comprehensive car insurance policy, the insurance company will pay the third party's liabilities and also take care of the costs involved in repairing the damage to your car. The insurer will also pay for the medical expenses you incurred …