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5 Beauty Benefits of Bitter Gourd which will you surprise

The bitterest vegetable in the vegetables is bitter gourd. Do you know that Karela is a treasure of our beauty? There will be hardly some people who like eat bitter gourd. Let's know the beneficial qualities of Karela which helps you keep young. 5 benefits of Bitter Gourd which will you surpriseAnti-AgeingIf you really want to look less than your age, then definitely include bitter gourd in your diet. Knowing this, you will have a slight smile on your face that you should not eat bitter gourd in the form of oily and spicy, but it should be boiled then spread some salt and lemon then eat bitter gourd. Blood PurifierBitter gourd has extremely rich in antioxidants which cleanse our blood by removing all the possible harmful toxins and impurities in our body. It gives enviable look to our skin. So that our skin look like a baby's skin. Skin CleanserYou can use it as a skin cleanser and make it at home. Take a two tablespoons of bitter gourd juice and two tablespoons of orange juice …