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If you are selecting zero depreciation cover, then you should consider these things

Zero depreciation coverage, also known as the 'zero dep' policy, provides full coverage without depreciation factoring. Here means that if your car damaged after an accident, you would recover the total cost from the insurer.
Most insurance companies will offer zero depreciation products for the new vehicle, which is a little expensive but very useful. You need to bear the 50 percent cost and depreciation of any fiber part and the cost of new metal and electrical components in a comprehensive general policy. However, the zero depreciation plans will save you from paying any additional amount to compensate for the loss and the insurance company will cover the entire cost of the fiber components and metal or electrical parts. The service is generally available for vehicles up to 3 years old and, in some cases, up to 5 years of age. Factors to consider before opting for zero depreciation coverBefore you choose zero depreciation, it is worthwhile to consider the following factors-