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Keep yourself warm this winter

If you want to stay warm during the winter season, try these foods that they will keep you warmThe winter season is coming, why we don’t keep ourselves so strong in winter so that winter does not dominate us, in winter we should take special care of our food habits. To fight winter, we need inner strength, which we can only get from particular types of food and this food we can get quickly in our kitchen. There is some ingredient list that we can use regularly.

TurmericA pinch of turmeric is heated by boiling it in milk, it not only reduces the swelling of the body, but it also keeps the body warm from inside. HoneyHoney is considered warm and hence it is prohibited in summer. It is an essential component in Ayurvedic medicine for cough and cold. It contains small amounts of antigens in flowers and helps in increasing immunity. The excellent news for diet-conscious people is that it doesn't fatten because it contains invert sugar, which can be easily digested. GingerIt is one of the…