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New Echo Plus (2nd Generation) Review

Premium sound and simple smart home setup only 14,999 Rs When Amazon was introducing a second generation echo plus device. I was intrigued and thought for sure that Amazon would include more bells and whistles to help us connect our smart home devices. The second generation speaker is a whole lot of bass.
Here we can do one thing with it in the smart home the first generation and the second generation echo plus devices and both devices is in their size. The first generation took the Pringles cans style and its height it's also finished in plastic and metal. This is shorter and squatter you can see the fabric cover that comes in charcoal heather gray or sandstone across the top.

You'll see that there's easily visible in a difference as well in the buttons. The first generation features the mic on/off button and the action while the newer version has the plus/minus that's for volume up/down. Amazon wants to use the wakeboard, Alexa they both light up however this one has th…