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Simple And Easy Way To Make Rangoli

Rangoli is the old custom of India. It is the part of Indian holy rituals and heritage. From many years. Now this tradition is also developed with new rangoli patterns & ideas of using a variety of colours and material. In old age, rangoli was made by using rice powder. Then more colours were extracted from leaves, indigo and trees, which are known as natural dyes. But nowadays artificial colours are also used to make Rangoli. Colours are extracted in powder form by crushing silky and shiny stones. The powder is finely crushed as it put down easily to draw a sequence in the rangoli patterns. Hence, a simple Rangoli designs can be made by adding multiple items like rice powder, dye powder, turmeric powder, cereals, pulses, chilly, flowers petals and small lamps (diyas) etc. The Rangoli patterns may differ with respect to the area but all the designs have balance and sequential flow of colours. In this new age, Rangoli art is made in various colours and designs. All the sides of a Ran…