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SQL SERVER Integration Service (SSIS)

What is BI(Business Intelligence)
Business Intelligence is all about converting large amount of data into useful data thereby we can easily acquire knowledge through BI analysis for the business action. A typical BI environment data-source, business model, data model, ETL, and transformation tools to organize the data into useful information.
Breakpoints in SSIS Breakpoint is responsible to stop execution of package when specific event occur in control flow to investigate and troubleshootthe state of the SSIS package. Read More
Data Viewer in SSIS Data Viewers are containers that can contain a single SSIS buffer’s work.As the data passes through the Data Path you are able to view what is in each buffer.As each buffer passes into the Data Viewer, the processing of the SSIS package on that Data Path is paused.In essence, you have a breakpoint.Read More
Variables in SSIS according to Microsoft, Variables store values that a SQL Server Integration Services package and its containers, tasks, and …