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Some Untold Tales of Bollywood actress Madhubala

Madhubala Was Born on Valentine's Day
The original name of beauty Madhubala was Mumtaz Jahan Begum Dehlavi. She was born on Valentine’s Day 14th February 1933 in Delhi. This 1950s and 60s were very popular and famous Indian actress. Many times, her performance in front of beauty was also overlooked. She was known for her beauty, self-hood personality and mushy portrayals of tragic women.
His parents' name was Ataullah Khan and Ayesha Begum. His father used to work in the Imperial Tobacco Company in Peshawar but after his job loss, he brought his family from Delhi to Bombay. Madhubala's family suffered physical, mental and financial difficulties. Madhubala's three sisters and two brothers died at the age of five and six years. The Bombay docks explosion took place on 14 April 1944, in which a small house of Madhubala was burnt to ashes, with the grace of God, his  family survived. At that time his family went to a local theater to see the film.

Madhubala was the fifth chil…