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As a vehicle owner, have you asked your insurer what they cover - car insurance

A car insurance coverage differs from plan to plan. And to understand what your car insurance is covered, you have to read the documents related to the coverage carefully. Always make sure that you have read the exclusion section of your car insurance policy document as it highlights things that your insurer will not cover.
Generally, the insurer should compensate for the loss suffered by the third party involved in the accident if you have opted for third party car insurance. That includes the cost of repairing the vehicle, any medical expenses, legal charges if any, and the amount of compensation to the victim. However, some insurance companies do not include all of this in their basic plan. Please ask your insurer what they cover.
If you have a comprehensive car insurance policy, the insurance company will pay the third party's liabilities and also take care of the costs involved in repairing the damage to your car. The insurer will also pay for the medical expenses you incurred …

Top Five best two-wheeler insurance providers in India

In India, third-party two-wheeler insurance is mandatory under the Motor Vehicles Act. Having insurance serves as an additional benefit in the event of loss or damage to a two-wheeler due to incidents, in addition to a legal mandate.
Along with third-party liability benefits, two-wheeler insurance offers many additional benefits such as free services/two-wheeler repair as well as its accessories, other discounts, etc. Nevertheless, given the plurality of insurance providers in the region, it is a challenging task to choose the best two-wheeler insurance policy according to one's exact needs. Okay, I will make it easy for you.
All you need to do is cut down the minutes of your day and check out the brief descriptions of the top five best bike insurance companies in India below to make a well-informed choice.
Top Five best two-wheeler insurance providers Bharti AXA Two-wheeler Insurance:Bharti AXA is one of the largest and trusted insurance firms in India. It is proud to have customized t…

If your car is stolen then you should know these important things

A car insurance policy is mandatory in India. Compared to the helplessness these days, almost everyone is buying a car insurance policy of choice. After all, due to an emergency such as an unfortunate accident or any damage or loss to the motor vehicle, while driving on the road, a good car insurance policy provides protection. But what if your car is stolen? You must file a claim for car insurance!
Car theft is a significant problem that troubles almost every city in India. Delhi reported major incidents of car theft. According to Delhi Police records, in the year 2016, the number of occurrences of car theft was 36,702, which increased to 39,080 in the year 2017 and it is continuously increasing. And in Mumbai, ten car theft incidents occur daily. And most of the stolen cars are not recovered, causing considerable losses to the car owners. How much will the insurance company pay?If it is not recovered, the insurance company will have to pay an amount equal to the monetary value of your…

Do you know about the new traffic rules?

The breaking law is bound to attract punishment in any way — hardening of punishment based on the type of crime. Citizens may be asked to pay hefty fines, imprisonment, or suspension of driving licenses in violation of traffic rules and regulations. Breaking traffic rules and regulations in India can lead to serious road accidents and, in the worst cases, even death. Every year around five lakh accidents occur in the world and more than 1.5 lakh people die. Most accidents occur due to a lack of traffic sense in people.
The Government of India introduced an amendment to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, to facilitate healthy and safe mobility in India. The Act is made up of 63 provisions that relate to permits, fines, registration and national transport policy. The new Motor Vehicles Act increased the driving error penalty. That means that driving errors will burn a big hole in your monthly budget and some of them may cost you more than a month's fuel bill.
The Ministry of Transport issu…

If you are a vintage car owner then you should know about vintage car insurance

For most people, vintage cars are an unforgettable scene. Due to its rarity, the value of vintage vehicles often increases by the year. Aging vehicles require a lot of care and regular restoration. So what is the best investment of a proud vintage car owner? Car insurance!
Insurance for your car is not new. Most people insure their vehicles; besides, third party insurance required by law in India. Third-party insurance is a type of insurance that covers the cost of damages to the third-party but is not incurred to the first party until it is included in the policy.
What about vintage car insurance? Vintage car insurance is hardly a significant financial convenience policy in India. Here makes sense, as according to experts, there are around 1,000–3,000 vintage cars in India.
Is this the same as insurance for any other car? Not this! But first, make sure that "vintage" is the right category before we bring it all into the financial aspect.
Is your car classic or vintage?
Let's …

Have you ever wondered why you need personal accident insurance?

Compared to health or life insurance plans, personal accidental insurance still lacks prominence. However, this does not reduce the value of the investment to protect the portfolio of loans. A personal accident policy is vital for those who are the only earners in the household. Since there is no specific time for complications in cases of permanent disability and financial security, personal accident insurance can provide adequate coverage. The best thing is that in India you can buy personal accident insurance at cheaper rates.
Personal accident insurance scheme provides complete financial protection from risks such as accidental death, accidental body injury and partial/total disability, including permanent and temporary disability from the accident. The nominee seeks 100 percent payment from the insurer in the event of the accidental death of the policyholder — other compensation for unexpected injuries, such as loss of vision, arms, and voice.
An accident can happen anytime, anywhe…