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Will you buy a Google Pixel Phone?

Google Pixel Phone

Google's Pixel is by far the best smartphone from the pre-model. Google's Pixel is the best option for buying and worth money. Google Pixel has excellent features and a great camera.

It is an ideal 7hrs backup phone after just 15 minutes of charging. It is an excellent phone with a camera of excellent quality and is also a Google Assistant. Yes, if I had the money to get one.
The Pixel, well built, is one of the best smartphones that can still be used in only one hand.
  • Unlimited cloud storage is the most exciting thing.
  • The models look good- preferably black, actually blue, and very silver.
  • Five inches with the best quality HD display.
  • A new version of Android

Five things that let you buy Google Pixel

  1. Pixel, the new Nexus? - Yes, Nexus Legacy is being handed over to Pixel. It is the flagship series that has the most excellent specs.
  2. It is made by Google — Google's first internally developed phone, unlike the Nexus, where it collaborated with other manufacturers. That is a huge step. It's like Apple iPhone now!
  3. Peerless Camera - With 12.3MP aperture, f / 2.0, and 1.55-micron sensor, it boasts a rating of 89 in DxOMark (a benchmarking on camera quality). It is above the Apple iPhone 7 camera.
  4. Google Assistant - We saw that for the first time in Allo Messenger. But now the software is woven correctly. Thus you can call it from any app.
  5. 24X7 Live Customer Support - This is truly a premium feature. Direct help at your fingertips; anytime.

There are many other cool things besides this
  • Loaded with Android OS, v7.1 (and always be the latest)
  • Created by considering virtual reality (VR).
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 Quad Core with Adreno 530 GPU
  • Variants for 32/128 GB space with 4 GB RAM
  • HD AMOLED display
  • Quick charging optimize (7 hours 15 minutes)
  • Unlimited cloud storage even at 4k video quality
  • 3.5mm audio jack!

The price of Google Pixel XL in India starts at 22,299. The lowest price of Google Pixel XL on Amazon is around 22,299, and it is available in Blue, Quite Black, and Very Silver colors.