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Maharashtra Extends Lockdown Till July 31: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is spreading unabated in Mumbai

The Maharashtra government has extended the coronavirus lockdown till 31 July amid a steady increase in COVID-19 numbers in the state. The government called it 'Mission Begin Again,' issuing new guidelines for this, saying that movement for non-essential activities in Mumbai metropolitan area would be restricted.

It is further directed that the movement of individuals for non-essential activities such as shopping and outdoor workouts will be limited within the limits of the neighborhood area, with all necessary specified precautions for wearing masks, social distance, and personal hygiene.
The government said that only unrestricted agitation would be allowed to office and people coming in an emergency.

"It is also directed that the unrestricted movement be permitted only to participate in the workplace and fulfill human need, including therapy."

All essential shops will be allowed, e-commerce activity for essential and non-essential items, all industrial units which are currently operational, and home food delivery.
All essential and non-essential shops and markets except malls and market complexes will be allowed to open from 9 A.M to 5 pm.

All government departments (except Emergency, Health and Medical, Treasury, Disaster Management, Military, NIC, Food and Civil Supplies, FCI, NYK, Municipal Services) operate with 15 percent power or fifteen citizens - whichever is higher.

All Mumbai metropolitan area private offices can operate with 10 percent power or 10 people.

Activities related to self-employed people

Activities related to self-employed people at plumbers, electricians, pest control, garages, newspaper printing and distribution (including home delivery) and barbershops were also permitted in MMR.

The metropolitan area of ​​Mumbai is a significant contributor to the COVID-19 data for Maharashtra.

The Shiv Sena-Congress-NCP government has provided an exemption for the rest of the state.
With physical distancing and hygiene measures, intra-district bus service will be permitted with a maximum capacity of 50 percent per bus.

On Sunday, the Mumbai Police said that movement of any non-essential people outside the radius of 2 km from their homes would not be allowed. Today, the city witnessed massive traffic jams as the police built several checkpoints to enforce the rule strictly.

Maharashtra is the most affected state in the country, with 1,64,626 cases of coronavirus and 7,429 deaths.

Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray said yesterday that given its success in resolving COVID-19, the crisis is not over yet and urged the citizens of the state to follow the laws and ensure that the lockout is re-implemented.


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