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Which checklist should I make before buying a used car in India?

buying a used car in India

The used car market has been growing day by day in India over the past few years. The reasons for this are various types of car and choice, assurance of purchase, certification report to validate the condition and easy financing options to complete the purchase of a pre-owned vehicle.

The first thing that is very important when buying a used car is to be patient, never buy the vehicle in a hurry. Without proper research and knowledge, buying a used car is a risk on the Indian market. Before you buy a used car, make a checklist, as your question suggests, you will do well, but keep an eye on it. This list can do well.
  • First, decide the car according to your budget, do not plan the budget according to whatever car you see on the way.
  • Get advice on cars from a familiar local garage; he can help you focus on some technical tips.
  • In India, there are hell numbers of used car sellers online and offline, pick according to the reviews, prices and also personal visits. Do not stick for one seller; keep alternatives.
  • Take an extended test drive in both traffic and highway to understand the behavior and do not expect outstanding performance if the vehicle is older than 5 + years.
  • Check well (this means a lot of time), it can be awkward sometimes, but you spend your money on it, so does it anyway.
  • Check the functioning of electronic parts such as mirror adjustment, wipers, all switches, window up-down buttons, AC controllers, and also check the indicator lights on the instrument cluster.
  • Start the car and test the sound of the engine (keep in mind that everyone is not an expert) by lifting the bonnet and inspecting it as much as possible.
  • When you finalize a car, spare some money to take a garage guy with you to check the car because some of the critical parts will always be missed out and this might help you spot them. Trust me; it’s still worth it.
  • Tires are something we miss, have a valid loom the grip and dents on the rims or alloys.
  • Finally, documentation is the most important thing. Check all the documents and do some online check if the car is accidental, no RTO penalty, insurance, fast tag dues, number of owners, etc. 

Consider this checklist when you buy a pre-owned car for you this season to come up with a smart decision. I know it's a lot of points, but it's worth it rather than ending up in favor of the owner of a lousy car who suffers later.