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Keep yourself warm this winter

If you want to stay warm during the winter season, try these foods that they will keep you warm

The winter season is coming, why we don’t keep ourselves so strong in winter so that winter does not dominate us, in winter we should take special care of our food habits. To fight winter, we need inner strength, which we can only get from particular types of food and this food we can get quickly in our kitchen. There is some ingredient list that we can use regularly.

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A pinch of turmeric is heated by boiling it in milk, it not only reduces the swelling of the body, but it also keeps the body warm from inside.


Honey is considered warm and hence it is prohibited in summer. It is an essential component in Ayurvedic medicine for cough and cold. It contains small amounts of antigens in flowers and helps in increasing immunity. The excellent news for diet-conscious people is that it doesn't fatten because it contains invert sugar, which can be easily digested.


It is one of the most medically sacred spices of the Indian kitchen. It contains antioxidants that contribute to building strong resistance. If taken in small amounts regularly, it not only helps in keeping the body warm but also cures ulcers, mild fever, acidity, common cold, cough and helps indigestion.


There is no doubt that excessive intake of ghee can lead to health problems, but only if the consumption is excessive and lack of physical exercise. Otherwise, it is rich in antioxidants and acts as an aid in the absorption of vitamins and minerals from other foods. It is high in nutrients and hair and is said to help in the tissue formation process. Fry the onion in ghee and mix in black pepper when taken hot cure cough. It is ideal for skin and hair.


In winter, eggs are in high demand as they are not only a powerhouse of energy but are also full of protein and vitamins that help the body fight infection in the winter.

Amla or Indian Gooseberry

Amla is one of the richest vitamin C sources. Amla is suitable for liver, digestion, skin, hair, and acidity, blood sugar and cholesterol control. It is a significant component in Chyawanprash. Immunity is improved by eating fresh gooseberry sauce, gooseberry powder or gooseberry mixed with sugar syrup during winters.


Garlic is an essential ingredient in the food, as it not only controls blood pressure and ensures proper flow of blood, but also keeps your body warm and energized, as winters affect the adequate functioning of your heart. 


Rich in vitamin A, C, calcium, zinc and iron, basil helps the body to fight against colds in winter seasons such as sinusitis, pneumonia and all respiratory diseases. It is also a powerful anti-malarial and antiseptic agent. It explains why Neem and tulsi are growing in abundance in all the old British bungalows. You can take Tulsi leaf empty stomach with black pepper and honey because it is an excellent cough and cold remedy. 

Black pepper

Consumption of black pepper in winter keeps the body warm as it has anti-oxidant antibacterial properties. Apart from keeping the body warm, it also cures a cold, cough and sinusitis. 


Ashwagandha is a stress buster and is consumed more in winter due to its warmth. In Ayurvedic, it is considered a component of tonic. Prevents water retention in the body and improves immunity. For regular use of Ashwagandha, diseases like sleeplessness are also beneficial. Its intake increases beauty. 

Mustard oil

In the winter season, hands and feet often become dry, so mustard oil is applied all over the body before bathing, then your body moisture remains and your body will not be dry during the winter season. Food is easily digested by cooking in mustard oil because it has antibacterial anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Regularly applying mustard oil to the hair during winter also gives relief from hair problems.

It is rich in micronutrients such as selenium, magnesium, zinc, dioxide, calcium and omega 3 and is useful for skin and hair.


Saffron is considered a symbol of beauty. Consuming it with milk increases the body's resistance. If cream of milk is mixed with saffron and applied on the face, it makes a face smooth and shiny. Sleep is good at night when saffron milk and almonds are used. Drinking saffron milk at night helps to sleep well.