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What are the benefits and features of key replacement covers?

Key replacement cover

While purchasing, you are obliged to explore your options and select the final product that suits your needs and also your wallet. Why not do it when you are in the market for car insurance? By comparing different insurance plans, making a choice for yourself is the easiest way to choose car insurance that will provide you with the optimum coverage that will fit your budget. Read more about how to compare car insurance policies.

What is the use of Key replacement cover?

The purpose of car insurance is to protect the vehicle against unexpected hazards. Any damage or loss to your car or you or your car's passengers can be covered under car insurance due to natural or human-made acts. In basic terms, the level of coverage provided by car insurance includes insured vehicles, third parties, and vehicle owners. To take advantage of the coverage and benefits offered by auto insurance, you have to pay a premium, which depends on many factors such as the value of your vehicle, the type of coverage, the kind of car you have, and more.

Comprehensive car insurance will give you peace of mind and encourage you to enjoy a carefree driving experience. Most insurance providers offer additional coverage in the form of base insurance packages as well as add-ons. Such add-ons provide more coverage for your vehicle, at a higher cost.

What are the benefits and features of key replacement covers?

Losing or misplacing our car keys is quite common in our day to day lives. Earlier, a car owner would contact the locksmith and obtain duplicate keys created in case of loss or displacement of the car keys. However, today this process is not relevant as the keys are computer coded and encrypted, which are very difficult to copy. Therefore you will need the help of a new key or a replacement key from the nearest service center. This procedure can be both expensive and time-consuming. It is best to have a key replacement cover in your auto insurance policy to remove these obstacles.

Several essential features and benefits of the key replacement cover are described below:

  • Through the key replacement cover, you will be entitled to claim the expenses that you will receive during the replacement of the old keys and the process of creating a new key.
  • The significant inclusions of a key replacement cover are the costs incurred to replace a lost or stolen key and the price of a lock that has been replaced.
  • Because the key replacement cover is an add-on, you will have to pay an additional premium to include this add-on in the insurance policy for your base car insurance policy.
  • When you purchase your auto insurance policy, you should inquire about the additional expenses required to avail of the benefits of key replacement cover.
  • Also, if you buy your car insurance policy online, it is advisable to compare the prices of the policy with the key replacement cover and finalize your purchase later.
  • Therefore, you should be very cautious with your car keys, even if you have included the key replacement cover in your auto insurance policy. There is a strict limit to how many times during which you can ask for your key replacement cover for your car insurance policy. If your claim for key replacement cover is beyond the permissible number, you will have to bear the expenses for them.
Conclusion:  Losing your car key can expensive anywhere from Rs 1000 to Rs 4000, and an authorized service center charge will depend on the brand of your car. The cost would be even higher in the case of remote-controlled vehicles. So, it is prudent to get a key replacement cover that will make the process hassle-free and help you save a considerable amount of money.